The Studios Erietta operate during the summer period from May to October, offering guests a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian and therefore offers the opportunity to visit many different parts, thereby satisfing the most demanding visitor. You can see the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos on smoothly, the Monastery of Saint Andrew the museum, the Castle of St Feorge in Livatho or Monastery kipouraion in Paliki. Is also remarkable the different physical and geological phenomena, such as cave Drogaratiand Melissani Cave near the sami and the ace of the Venetian castle to dominate above the small village and the cosmopolitian and picturesque Fiskardo hand with the traditional aargostoli_-_limani_cephaloniarchitecture has remained untouched by the devestating blow of Enceladus in 1953. And of course do not forget to taste the local cuisine of the island Almost everywhere you will find the famous meat pie, the garlic or else aliada, rabbit and kefalonians kolokythokorfades and unique slice of Kefalonia. Have fun listening to songs and music from ariettes pet place and enjoying the excellent local wine list, the famous Rombola.
Leaving you can buy for yourself but for loved local products like honey, thyme, olive oil, nougat, kydonopasto and great wine list. If you choose to Kefalonia for your summer vacation will certainly find an appropriate way to reach you destination, By plane from Athens daily and several routes from Thessaloniki, Corfu and Aktion in the week During the summer months and Kefalonia is also linked with the outside almost daily flightai_heliss. There are several routes daily from of Patras to Sami and vice versa and from the port of Kylinis to Poros afanari-kefaloniand Argostoli to Kefalonia is linked to its neighboring islands , ie the Schinari, akynthos to skala from Nidri on Lefkada and Kefalonia and Ithaki Vathi and Pisaeto to Sami. Daily services are also to and from Astakos - Kamataka , very convenient route for travelers in nothern Greece through the Via Egnatia. Finally the port of Sami and linked with italy to Patras - Sami - Igoumenitsa during the summer months.